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Babies Born In July 2006's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Babies Born In July 2006

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[30 Aug 2010|01:46am]
 So, like many of you, my daughter just turned 4 in July. She started pre-school last week and she already seems to be having quite a bit of problems. I never had her in daycare.. it was usually just us two at home for the large majority of her life so far, so I know it's probably a bit of a shock to her. At home, she's very active and curious and also very independent. She's very smart, however I think her speech is a little delayed. She can communicate, and I of course always understand what she's saying (for the most part) but some people have difficulty with some words. I've tried to work with her on her problem words, but to no real avail yet. She stutters slightly sometimes. Like the thought is right there on the tip of her tongue, but she can't quite get it out sometimes. Anyway, for the most part she's a really good kid. And she's really good with other kids. I have to stop her from running off and hugging every random kid she sees lol. But she started riding the school bus due to my work schedule, and while for the first few mornings she'd hesitate a little, she'd get on with no troubles. I got a call from the principle friday asking to speak to me and she told me that on the bus, Aubrey makes it hard for the driver to even drive because she just pitches a fit, and they told me she's already been in a "catfight" on the bus.. which is just totally out of character for her and I can't understand it. She was excited to ride the school bus, but maybe it's a bit too overstimulating for her, I don't really know. I've never seen her act the way they said she does on the bus. And they said that she doesn't act like that at school either. They ultimately kicked her off the bus, for good.

At school is another story.. her teacher told me that she's not picking up on things like walking in a line and what not.. which I can see, half of the time she's in her own little world and wants to do things on her own agenda and not anyone elses. They told me at school she's just not talking in complete sentences, which is odd. When the teacher breaks the kids up into groups and tells them to pick a play center, she said she just sits there.. and doesn't go anywhere. The teacher has to go and coax her into going to a center, and even then she doesn't play with anything.. she just sits there, not interacting or anything. When we visited the classroom before school started she was amazed and wanted to instantly play with everything. The teacher also told me that she sat Aubrey down the other day and built a tower out of blocks, and then handed them to Aubrey and told her to build one.. and she just put one block up and pointed at it and said "...block." It's just so strange.. she builds stuff with her blocks at home all the time. She also has already had an accident at school.. apparently she forgot to pull her panties down before sitting on the toilet... I never have any accident problems out of her either..

I just don't understand this behavior or why she's exhibiting it.. other than it's just so new to her, but I can't help but wonder why she's not adjusting as well as some other kids and what I can do to better help her adjust in the next couple of weeks. Any help or insight greatly appreciated. I'm kind of at a loss and I've been beating myself up about it.
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New - First Post [01 Mar 2009|10:40pm]

1. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Beth (Elizabeth) Ann Thomas
2. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Michigan, but currently living in South Bend, Indiana.
5. WHEN WAS YOUR BABY BORN? July 9th, 2006
6. WHAT IS THEIR NAME (AND GENDER)? Marcus Alexander Thomas (Male)
7. DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER CHILDREN? Marcus will be a big brother June 2009
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Ok, I'll bite. :) [09 Jan 2009|07:56am]

Seamus is doing pretty well! He just got over his first stomach flu - boy that was HORRIBLE, lasted an entire week. He's still not speaking super clear, but he's using 4+ word sentences and things, it just takes some guessing once in a while to really know WHAT he's talking about - usually I know for sure what he's saying but strangers need to do a bit of guesswork sometimes. :)
At this point, I'm not concerned, as he's progressing, and learning new words without our prompting, and he's not at all hesitant to correct his speech if we remind him how something is pronounced. :)

He also doesn't eat. lol Ok, he eats, but SO minimally. I've been giving him Pediasure once in a while just try get something into him. I didn't eat much as a kid either, and I turned out fine, so I just assume it's the genes. He's not starving, and he's totally healthy so ::shrug::.

We're also expecting another baby BOY on May 4th! I'm super excited, but also a bit scared. I really worry about losing this special bond I have with Seamus, and his adjustment from being the ONLY attention-needer, to the guy on the sidelines. :/
I'm sure he'll do fine, but it just worries me. I get all weepy sometimes thinking about things like him not being able to just run up and sit on my lap whenever he wants (as in when I'll be feeding the baby or whatever) - I LOVE those times. It's just going to be hard, and I know it'll be fine, I'm just a worrier this pregnancy. :)
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Update [07 Aug 2008|03:52pm]

A couple weeks ago, Cooper, 2years old already, and Iris (my 3 month old) visited the doctor for the obligatory check up.
Cooper was 27lbs, 35 inches tall. Although he's in the 30-40th percentile for his age and size/weight, he's in good health, which I knew:)
Iris was 14lbs. 12oz. and 25 1/2 inches tall. She's in the 97th percentile! The doctor commented on how she loves breastfed babies, because they plump up so much. I was slightly amused and explained that they were both breastfed babies, but they have different metabolisms. She is a new doctor for us since our old one decided to start teaching at the UW. I like her, and hope that she remembers that Cooper is and probably always will be a light weight kid instead of asking me what he eats:)

They are very different little people. Iris is a happy, easy baby during the mornings and day while Cooper is most likely to be cranky. Then, she's usually fussy as she fights going to sleep for the night. Cooper is a night owl like his daddy and is pretty good while I have a cranky girl on my hands. So, it works out. There have only been a handful of times when I've sat on the floor with two wailing kids, unable to make everyone happy. It's getting easier to manage them both, and I look forward to the day when they can play together.

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As the last post reminded me.... [08 Aug 2008|08:29am]


Thomas is now 2 years old and we are expecting another due in Sept - 6 weeks to go.  I have to say my pregnancy has been pretty good up until this point and now it is getting harder to run after Thomas.  He is expecting a little sister this time around.  Cant wait to meet her :)  Just thought I'd share the news :)

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[13 Jul 2008|01:18am]

I just wanted to ask all the mama's here what they got/are getting for their 2 year old's bday.

Makenna's birthday party is coming up, and I'm at a loss. She doesn't like tv too much and is mostly interested in things her sister likes. I'd like her to be her own person.

So please....any ideas? Or tips please.
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Biting self... [28 May 2008|09:59am]

Hey everyone... I haven't made a post in forever, but I am sure you can understand being busy with a 22 month old!

My DD, Ashlyn, has started biting herself on her arms! Hard enough to leave marks and bruises the next day. Daycare is getting concerned about it, and have sent two notes home so far. Has anyone ever heard of this or had their children do this?

I have looked online and all the stuff I have found is about biting other people, but not ones self.

Thanks in advance,
Ella and Ashlyn
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Pott Training! [18 May 2008|08:29pm]

[ mood | okay ]

So we have just started potty training, 2nd day.. its going good. The only thing is we cant seem to get him to want to do potty when we are out of the house. Anyone else have this problem? Also we have found that he thinks pull ups are nappies so will pee in them. Anyway is anyone else potty training? How is it going? Any tips?

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Talking - edited [14 Apr 2008|08:06am]

[ mood | tired ]

Russell's Words At 20 Months -
Gone/All gone
Oh no

Thats all the words i can remember that he uses. 26 words. I feel like he is hardly speaking. How many words can your toddler say?

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first time mothers [27 Feb 2008|10:41pm]

any of you have or are thinking about having another? I have an appointment on 04/24/08 for an ob/gyn exam w/possible IUD removal..... I am scared...
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Potty Training [12 Feb 2008|10:18am]

I don't ever post... sorry! I read, and that's about it. Mom to twin boys that will be 19 months next week, Connor & Cayden. Just gave birth to #3 on the 1st, Kinsey. Lucked out with a GIRL! Anyway, with the arrival of baby #3, I got to become a SAHM. Now begins the potty training, since mommy is home. I need help. Advice, suggestions, best potty, etc??? Also, our bathroom (and entire house) is tiny, so I want to know if it's possible to use just a seat on the big toilet to train them, or if that is something you move up to. I've found that I have yet to struggle with anything regarding my kids, except this. When the twins were first born, changing, feeding, swaddling, dealing with cries, and two at once was never an issue... it all came natural. However, I have never had any practice or a clue how to potty train. I don't know where to begin. All and any help is appreciated. Thank you! (Also, am I starting too early, too late???) THANKS!

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Am I being paranoid? [10 Feb 2008|07:00pm]

At the first of the year we started going to church... and they are really big on serving others and volunteering... today I sent him this email:

Another good lesson as always... Maybe the "growing pains" won't be so bad this week as in the weeks past... :-)
I love my daughter so much; however, she keeps us from doing a lot of things... which isn't always a bad thing! We both REALLY want to be involved with Midtowne and to serve, but it is hard with her and Mark's schedule... A lot of times I feel like a single parent. Not to mention that we don't have any family down here or reliable friends, so anything we do either she has to come with us or one of us has to stay w/ her. I appreciate that you were cool about her being there on Thursday night, but I would have preferred for her not to be there, so we could have had more of an adult conversation.
That being said, I REALLY want to serve and help, but I am not sure how I can be of use with my limited availability. Helping with the Neighborhoods was great with my schedule, so anything like that would be perfect. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help.
I REALLY tried to extend the Valentine's Day baby sitting offer to people, but unfortunately in today's world people aren't comfortable with leaving their kids with strangers or in unfamiliar places... Mark and I wrote on the envelope that we would help out, so let us know how we can be of use, the three of us or one of us.
Ella B.

here is what he wrote back...

You guys can always help in the Market, with greeting, or Children's check in. There will be classes available for Ashlyn by the time you get busy.

Thanks for all your help. Have a great week.

Am I just being crazy or is he saying basically don't help out on Valentines Day? I am so confused sometimes... What do you all think? Should I email him and ask him specifically about V. Day or should just make my own fun plans with my little 3 person family?
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Anyone potty training? [19 Jan 2008|01:28pm]

We have a potty and Ben is seemingly interested in it but more for the fact that he can take it apart and put it back together. Anyone on the way to potty training?
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Mod Approved Promo [17 Jan 2008|10:10am]

A book club group is getting started up for discussing books related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. It is called book_roundtable, and right now they are deciding which books to discuss so if you like reading go check it out and nominate some books that you think are worth talking about. :)
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Hi, new here [10 Jan 2008|12:53pm]

2. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? California - San Francisco bay area, specifically
5. WHEN WAS YOUR BABY BORN? July 13, 2006

Um, anything else you want to know? We are having fun with the toddler time...
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Then and Now [03 Jan 2008|08:05pm]

I thought it would be fun to do an update on all our babies....Here's mine.

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what surprises you about your toddler? [04 Jan 2008|08:52am]


I just can't believe that Thomas is 17months!!!  he is not a baby anymore and he can understand so much!!  LOL  it has made me really reflect as I have just found out we are 4 weeks pregnant with our second.  

What abilities have amazed you about your toddlers?  

Mine would be that Thomas's "no fear" attitude, he has just started climbing on everything!

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[20 Dec 2007|01:50pm]

How do you all handle visiting extended family on the holiday's?
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Christmas... [19 Dec 2007|04:22pm]

I was just wondering what you all are planning on doing with your little ones for Christmas regarding Santa...
I want there to be the magic of Christmas, but I don't like the idea of lying to my child or bribing my child to behave.
What are your thoughts?
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dumb question? [11 Dec 2007|11:24pm]

What is the difference in 24 months and 2T clothes? I have looked at them next to each other and cant see any difference...
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