Sarah Jewel (sarahjewel) wrote in julybabies2006,
Sarah Jewel

Ok, I'll bite. :)

Seamus is doing pretty well! He just got over his first stomach flu - boy that was HORRIBLE, lasted an entire week. He's still not speaking super clear, but he's using 4+ word sentences and things, it just takes some guessing once in a while to really know WHAT he's talking about - usually I know for sure what he's saying but strangers need to do a bit of guesswork sometimes. :)
At this point, I'm not concerned, as he's progressing, and learning new words without our prompting, and he's not at all hesitant to correct his speech if we remind him how something is pronounced. :)

He also doesn't eat. lol Ok, he eats, but SO minimally. I've been giving him Pediasure once in a while just try get something into him. I didn't eat much as a kid either, and I turned out fine, so I just assume it's the genes. He's not starving, and he's totally healthy so ::shrug::.

We're also expecting another baby BOY on May 4th! I'm super excited, but also a bit scared. I really worry about losing this special bond I have with Seamus, and his adjustment from being the ONLY attention-needer, to the guy on the sidelines. :/
I'm sure he'll do fine, but it just worries me. I get all weepy sometimes thinking about things like him not being able to just run up and sit on my lap whenever he wants (as in when I'll be feeding the baby or whatever) - I LOVE those times. It's just going to be hard, and I know it'll be fine, I'm just a worrier this pregnancy. :)
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