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My update! And perhaps a discussion bitty! :)

I can't believe that our 'babies' are 2 and a half!! How exciting! They've been through their 3rd Christmas and had two babies! :D

My boy's puttering along quite nicely, he's so clever (so says mummy) and is really a boys-boy, into his cars, planes and helicopters. His favourite show is Diego but got very excited last weekend to see an episode that included Diego AND Dora! hehe.

Our family is expanding, a month before he's 3 we're due for our second and this one will wear all the pink clothes I was told to buy for Cobes (so we've been told, again). Cobey's a bit excited about the growing belly with the 'baybeeee' in it! He loves to lift my shirt and jiggle my belly around and yell things through my belly button (funnily enough, the husband does the same) I'm excited to be having a girl, but also petrified... I know what I was like in puberty :S And I have to clean poop from WHERE??!?!??!!?

I took this (blurry, out of focus) photo today when he was in the back yard.. he put a shovel on his head, spun in circles and made a noise, claiming to be a helicopter!

And here he is with his choice of soft mattress, and soft toy, to sleep with.

There are many things that I did with him that I didn't expect to do.. motherhood has been an amazing journey. I didn't think I'd be anything like the 'crunchy' type, before he was a month old I'd bought a sling, he co-slept from a month as well (in the bassinet beside the bed before that) he was breastfed until 19 or 20 months (despite me returning to work at 6 months) and I've tried to follow his cues as much as I can.
There are so many things I couldn't predict, or that I swore I wouldn't do! How about you? :)

There are so many things for 'the next bub' that we're setting up that we didn't for Cobes because I just didn't think I was 'that way inclined' including not bothering to set up a nursery, just side-carring the cot to the bed and buying some decent pumps (work return at 8 months this time!)

Anyway, I think this has gone on long enough, I look forward to the updates!
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