Lil' Mama (miss__nikki) wrote in julybabies2006,
Lil' Mama

Potty Training

I don't ever post... sorry! I read, and that's about it. Mom to twin boys that will be 19 months next week, Connor & Cayden. Just gave birth to #3 on the 1st, Kinsey. Lucked out with a GIRL! Anyway, with the arrival of baby #3, I got to become a SAHM. Now begins the potty training, since mommy is home. I need help. Advice, suggestions, best potty, etc??? Also, our bathroom (and entire house) is tiny, so I want to know if it's possible to use just a seat on the big toilet to train them, or if that is something you move up to. I've found that I have yet to struggle with anything regarding my kids, except this. When the twins were first born, changing, feeding, swaddling, dealing with cries, and two at once was never an issue... it all came natural. However, I have never had any practice or a clue how to potty train. I don't know where to begin. All and any help is appreciated. Thank you! (Also, am I starting too early, too late???) THANKS!

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