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E minor

Am I being paranoid?

At the first of the year we started going to church... and they are really big on serving others and volunteering... today I sent him this email:

Another good lesson as always... Maybe the "growing pains" won't be so bad this week as in the weeks past... :-)
I love my daughter so much; however, she keeps us from doing a lot of things... which isn't always a bad thing! We both REALLY want to be involved with Midtowne and to serve, but it is hard with her and Mark's schedule... A lot of times I feel like a single parent. Not to mention that we don't have any family down here or reliable friends, so anything we do either she has to come with us or one of us has to stay w/ her. I appreciate that you were cool about her being there on Thursday night, but I would have preferred for her not to be there, so we could have had more of an adult conversation.
That being said, I REALLY want to serve and help, but I am not sure how I can be of use with my limited availability. Helping with the Neighborhoods was great with my schedule, so anything like that would be perfect. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help.
I REALLY tried to extend the Valentine's Day baby sitting offer to people, but unfortunately in today's world people aren't comfortable with leaving their kids with strangers or in unfamiliar places... Mark and I wrote on the envelope that we would help out, so let us know how we can be of use, the three of us or one of us.
Ella B.

here is what he wrote back...

You guys can always help in the Market, with greeting, or Children's check in. There will be classes available for Ashlyn by the time you get busy.

Thanks for all your help. Have a great week.

Am I just being crazy or is he saying basically don't help out on Valentines Day? I am so confused sometimes... What do you all think? Should I email him and ask him specifically about V. Day or should just make my own fun plans with my little 3 person family?
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